For the occasion of this weekend’s two art book fairs - Artists Prints & Pa/per View - F B S P sets up a research office at Komplot, and invites you to participate to the project with two workshops:

Friday 22d of March - 16.00-19.00 - INTER/VIEW
The participants will be playing representants of F B S P research project, working in the office situated in Artists Prints’ art book fair at Komplot, going in the fairs to make reports, meeting the editors of Artists Prints and Pa/per View, making interviews…

Saturday 23d of March - 14.00-19.00 - DESIGNING SATURDAY’s EVENT
A special F B S P unit will design the scenography for Saturday evening’s dinner: the menu, the tablecloth, etc. The participants will also have the opportunity to participate and work on an intervention performed during the dinner - Semiotics of the Publication.

À l’occasion des deux foires du livre d’art de ce week-end - Artists Prints & Pa/per View - F B S P installe un bureau de recherche à Komplot et vous invite à participer à deux “book fair” workshops:

Vendredi 22 Mars - 16.00-19.00 - INTER/VIEW
Les participants prendront le rôle de chercheurs du projet de recherche F B S P et pourront ainsi investir le bureau situé dans la foire Artists Prints à Komplot, et aller dans les deux foires pour enquêter et rencontrer les éditeurs, faire des interviews…

Saturday 23d of March - 14.00-19.00 - DESIGNING SATURDAY’s EVENT
Une unité spéciale de F B S P fera le design de la scénographie du dîner du samedi soir: menu, nappe, etc. Les participants pourront aussi participer à la mise en place d’une intervention performée pendant le dîner - Semiotics of the Publication.

Multilingual workshops!
Free: inscription by email for Friday or Saturday, or both.

Previous workshops:

Tuesday 5th of March
At Variable - rue Gallait straat 80, Bxl
Tools to make books - tools to reflect upon books.
The workshop will happen in two parts: 14.00 - collective making of a booklet documenting last workshop at Théophile’s Papers, testing a range of open source/alternative tools (see for instance Roland-the-plotter in the OSP picture down there). The booklet will be the first of a series documenting each F B S P workshop. 19.00 - dinner and presentations of editorial/graphic projects questioning and shaping their own tools. Discussions on the basis of the working session of the afternoon and the presentations: what kind of tools exist, what tools would we need, what can we imagine and propose?

The workshop will focus on free/open source tools to make books, and on everything this approach implies and allows in terms of publication and its mediation. The approach of free culture promises rich interactions between the user and its tools, between the user and a community of other users (challenging the usual “producer”/“public” distinction and roles...); the creation of dynamics of sharing (“publication” not only of the works but also the process, making things public, shared) and collaborations, with the possible coexistence of different expertises…

Multilingual workshop!
No necessary prior experience with any particular tool, we’ll help each other with our different expertises.
Free: inscription by email for the afternoon or the evening, or both.

Saturday 16th of February
At Théophile’s Papers
Collective brainstorming on distribution’s tools today. What kind of tools exist, what tools would we need, what can we imagine and propose?
In French!
Discussion collective sur les pratiques de distribution actuelles. Quels outils existent, quels outils nous manquent, que peut-on imaginer et proposer?

“Libraire Ambulant”, Cris de Paris, début XVIe s.

F B S P toolbox workshops:

In order to test several modes of collective critical thinking, Fernand Baudin Students Publications organises a series of situated workshops, happening in parallel to the official academical context - open to students from all schools, disciplines and academical years, and to a wider audience via email inscriptions.
Sometimes hosted in the schools’ buildings, sometimes happening in other spaces, the workshops will turn around the notion of tools for editorial practices, approaching it from different axes, in relation to its guest place’s own problematics. The collaborative working groups will progressively build a toolbox to make and reflect upon books, filled with questions, ideas, propositions, fictions...

Workshop propositions welcome.